terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2013

Colocando as músicas no soundcloud; são coisas em processo. Porque sou autoconsciente cantando na língua pátria, e posto que foda-se, recorrerei ao subterfúgio do vil e repugnante anglicismo imperialista com alarmante frequência, ao menos até adquirir idêntica fluência no catalão ou língua-do-pê.

Nile Fever

Can you see how it's covered in birds
And it's coming for me
I may shoot at the dark

Well, no tooth has been spent on these cards
We're bargaining the meat
One should plead to the lizards

It comes to spineless digressions
Leaving for carbonized scapes
Someone may convey the colors of
Shoulders we sunk in the Nile

And I see how you're covered in wolves
Is it coming for me?
Shall I throw him a dime?

Is that grace, in your celibate limbs?
Let us speak of the plans
You sunk in the Nile

It brought us fever and wonders
And fangs on a belly that sours
Sums up to kinky decepcions
Hummers will burn out this town